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The importance of a personalised treatment

At IVF-Life we are very aware that every patient is unique and that is why it is so important to be able to offer a medicine that adapts to each individual. That is why we offer all our patients a personalised treatment. All our treatments are carried out taking into account the patient’s medical history, medical background and other personal aspects. Also important is the availability to travel to our centre, especially when it comes to international patients who are not resident in our country. We know that such an important decision as starting a fertility treatment needs to be

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The Influence of Nutrition on Fertility

Poor nutrition can negatively affect fertility in both men and women who want to conceive. Today, it is common to consume foods that have a negative impact on our reproductive health. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns of the need to limit the consumption of saturated fats and trans fats, salt, and sugars, while increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and physical activity in developed countries. All of these are high-risk factors for the increase of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, and infertility. On the other hand, the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA) indicates that the

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Female factor

Breast cancer has stopped my life

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 1.38 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, making it the most common disease in women worldwide. Although breast cancer is without doubt one of the most common women’s diseases, it can also affect men. According to American studies, it affects 1% of them. It is a malignant tumour that develops when tumour cells appear in the glandular tissue of the breast and attack the healthy tissue around it. The possible causes of this type of cancer are still largely unknown, according to the Spanish Cancer Society (AECC). Family history, age

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Multiple sclerosis and pregnancy: are they compatible?

According to the World Health Organisation, multiple sclerosis (MS) is estimated to affect more than 1.8 million people worldwide, being most commonly prevalent in young people, especially in women. In the years that we at IVF-Life have been involved in assisted reproduction, we have met many women who suffer from this condition and, therefore, we are aware of how necessary it is for those who are in the same situation to be aware of how multiple sclerosis and the desire to conceive are related. What is multiple sclerosis and how does it manifest itself? Multiple sclerosis is a neurological and

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Secondary infertility: Why second pregnancies don’t happen?

Secondary infertility may be an unknown concept to many, but for those who experience it, it becomes a daily battle filled with mixed emotions. It’s when a couple, after successfully having a child, finds difficulty in conceiving again. The reasons can vary, but hopelessness and confusion are common emotions that many face. Why can’t I have another child? Usually, after having had one or more children in a natural and easy way, it is common to think that the same thing will happen with the next ones. However, there are cases in which there are problems conceiving again: these are

Medication IVF

IVF-Life Practical Guide to the drugs we use in our treatments

Table of contents Why this medication guide? At IVF-Life Group, we’re aware that during your fertility treatment you may have many queries, about symptoms, procedures and especially about medication.  As fertility specialists, we’re here to help you and be your greatest support, that’s why in this feature we’re offering you a practical guide. Using text and videos we explain how the medication works and how the drugs responsible for making your journey to motherhood possible should be administered, always under the premise that this is a safe and controlled process. Step one: preparing and administering the drugs We want you

Infertilidad en pareja, reproducción asistida, fertilidad, infertilidad
In vitro fertilization

Couple Infertility: assisted reproduction as a solution towards parenthood

Infertility in Couples: In Search of Parenthood Infertility is a condition that affects both men and women in their desire to become parents. To properly address it, it is essential to have accurate information and effective solutions that allow for the birth of a healthy baby. At IVF-Life Group, we specialise in complex cases, providing support to couples who have tried for years to achieve pregnancy. Often, infertility is thought to be primarily related to women; however, men are also affected. In fact, approximately 40% of infertility cases are due to male factors. As specialists in reproduction and fertility, we

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Uterine and ovarian rejuvenation: A new pathway to fertility

The passage of time, and everything it entails, especially affects fertility and specifically female fertility. However, thanks to science and reproductive medicine, there are increasingly more possibilities for those couples who, for various reasons, find difficulties in conceiving. Currently, there are treatments based on regenerative medicine that allow many women to reactivate the correct functioning of their reproductive organs and tissues, such as what is known as ovarian and uterine rejuvenation. For this reason, in IVF-Life, we bring you in this article some of the most outstanding keys of these techniques that are gradually gaining ground in the world of

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Pregnancy tips

Partner support during a fertility treatment

Partner Support During a Fertility Treatment: A Practical Guide At IVF-Life Group, we understand that fertility treatments require not only a medical and technological approach but also strong emotional support and understanding. It is thus essential to discuss effective strategies to support your partner during this experience.  In many cases, a key to successful fertility treatment is not just medical and technological expertise, but also the emotional support and understanding given to patients. That is why today, we want to share some valuable tips, drawn from various psychological studies and our own experience, to support you as a couple during

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