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Infertility and social environment: What will they say?

The opinion of the social environment may or may not matter much to a couple, but it will always have some impact. The support of family and friends is essential in managing the difficulties of coping with infertility. However, many couples hesitate to share their situation, afraid of being judged by others.


ROPA Method: all you need to know

If you and your partner want to become mothers, at IVF-Life we have the right treatment for you. The ROPA method is the assisted reproduction treatment for women couples wishing to become mothers. What is the ROPA Method? The ROPA method, or reception of the partner’s eggs, is in great demand among women couples who wish to actively participate in the process of conception, since it makes possible a shared maternity. It is a treatment that we perform on a very regular basis in our clinics in Alicante, Madrid and San Sebastian. What does the ROPA Method consist of? This

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Motherhood at 40. Is it possible?

Later motherhood is an increasingly common reality. It is one of the most important decisions in a woman’s life, which is why we tend to postpone it, waiting for a time of greater economic, professional, emotional and family stability. However, the question is, can I get pregnant after 40?   

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Male Infertility: can I still be a father?

Getting pregnant is not always easy. According to the latest studies, 1 in 8 couples suffer from fertility problems. It is common to think that infertility mainly concerns women, but the reality is different: male fertility is just as important as female fertility when it comes to trying to get pregnant. In fact, 33% of infertility cases are due to male problems. How to identify Male Infertility Like women, most men find out that they are infertile when it is time to try to get pregnant. This is because male infertility does not cause symptoms that are easily noticed. However,

Mejorar la estimulación de los ovarios

Ovarian stimulation: What should I know?

In today’s article, we will discuss a very important issue for any woman undergoing assisted reproduction treatment: ovarian stimulation or controlled ovarian stimulation (COS). Understanding this step in the context of fertility treatment requires a clear understanding of how a woman’s body works.

Adenomiosis uterina
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Adenomyosis: A possible cause of infertility in women

Until a few years ago there was little knowledge about adenomyosis. What we already did know is, that is associated with heavy bleeding and severe menstrual pain, as well as a uterus with a larger size. Nowadays, thanks to advances in ultrasound techniques, it is easier for experts to diagnose adenomyosis. This uterine alteration can cause fertility problems, affecting the successful implantation of an embryo, which leads to recurrent implantation failures.


Endometriosis and pregnancy – Is it related to infertility?

Did you know that endometriosis and pregnancy may be related? Endometriosis is actually one of the reasons why some women may not be able to get pregnant. Despite the excruciating menstrual pain that many women with this condition suffer and a chance of 30-50% of resulting in infertility, it is still a topic in our society that is not very talked about, which is why it’s often referred to as the silent disease. This is why we spoke to the fertility specialists at IVF-Life about endometriosis and pregnancy.

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