IVF-Spain Patient Experience has been designed to make your journey easier, ensuring all details are addressed

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do at IVF-Spain, and we work with these people and their partners to make the treatment go as smoothly as possible.

We do this by taking care of all the details, making visits to our clinic a relaxed, trouble-free experience. We organise taxis for transfers and have arrangements with nearby hotels so that you can be sure of a comfortable stay. What’s more, our facilities are designed to ensure the privacy you need when starting a fertility treatment.

Taxi transfer service
Nearby hotels
Facilities designed to ensure privacy
Atención al paciente clinica fertilidad

You will be assigned a personal assistant

Our priority is to ensure that our patients feel looked after and supported in every stage of the process, which is why we assign a personal assistant who speaks your language to explain, discuss and share everything that happens, from medical appointments with our fertility specialists to performing the necessary tests to make the treatment a success.

Your personal assistant is in constant contact with you, reminding you to take the medications prescribed, about appointments with our specialists, and to answer any questions you have during the treatment.

Your specialised personal assistant is always there to ensure your treatment is a success and to follow up after a positive pregnancy test.