Patient Care

We design a patient experience so that the time spent in our clinic is relaxed and peaceful, taking care of all the details.

We know how you feel

Patients from all over the world come to our clinics, and we truly believe that part of our success is to make them feel at home.

Thanks to our understanding of each case and our empathy, we are able to offer the necessary comfort to reduce the stress of our patients, which are essential aspects when starting any fertility treatment. We offer personalized treatments adapted throughout the process to each patient’s native language.

We are convinced that, in order to become an international reference, you cannot lose the personal touch and speaking the language of our patients is the first step to make them feel well cared for and understood.

Your way to fertility


A patient experience designed with attention to every detail

At IVF-Life, our patients are the core of everything we do and we work to ensure that both they and their partners experience the utmost comfort during each treatment.

We have designed a patient experience so that the time spent in our clinic is relaxed and peaceful, taking care of all the details. We offer cab service for transfers, we have agreements with nearby hotels to ensure comfortable stays and the design of our facilities favors the necessary privacy that is required when starting a fertility treatment.

A specialised personal assistant at your disposal

Our priority is to ensure that our patients feel supported and accompanied during all the steps of the process. To this end, each one of them has a specialised personal assistant to help understand, comment and share every experience, from the medical visits with our fertility specialists to the medical tests necessary to carry out the treatment successfully.

She or he will also be the person who will be in constant communication with the patient, reminding her to take the prescribed medication, appointments with our specialists, or solving any doubts and queries that may arise at any time during the treatment.

Our specialized personal assistant will ensure that the treatment is completed successfully, and will follow up with the patient once the pregnancy test is positive.

24-hours emergencies

IVF-Life patients who require emergency medical attention, can call our 24 hour emergency phone number.