Social Work

Giving back to society a portion of what it gives us 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At IVF-Life, we have an ongoing commitment to our society. As experts in assisted reproduction, we understand the essence of life and how science and medicine can contribute to its improvement. 

Therefore, we support groups and associations that work to create a fairer society, especially those that strive to assist those in greatest need. 

Giving back to society a portion of what it gives us 

“A Puntadas”, Weaving a Future for All

“A Puntadas” is a social enterprise* dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of sewing products, but its work goes far beyond the production and marketing of its products. 

This company is committed to charitable activities, particularly in helping women in vulnerable situations. 

*A social enterprise is one that conducts its business while generating a positive impact on society. 

Through sewing workshops, “A Puntadas” provides an opportunity for women at risk of social exclusion to advance in their lives, as well as employment for women who are victims of gender violence or facing precarious employment situations. 

The work of A Puntadas and its collaboration with IVF-Life are an example of how solidarity and social commitment are crucial in building a society for everyone. 

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