Mastering complex cases has elevated our reputation as a leading authority in our field

Our fertility clinic in Alicante, Spain, specialises in difficult cases. Continual innovation and investments in technology keep us at the cutting edge of assisted reproduction, enabling us to achieve rates of success with patients from all over the world. These patients usually come to us after an average of 4.5 failed cycles at other centres.

Our medical team comprises professionals with extensive experience and prestige in the world of assisted reproduction. They use all their know how to devise personalised treatments for each patient.

laboratorio ivf

We know how you feel

Patients from all around the world visit us at the clinic, and we are sure that part of our success is due to the fact that they feel at home with us. Understanding each case and showing empathy enables us to ensure that patients feel comfortable and less stressed, which is crucial to the success of any fertility treatment.

We offer personally adapted treatments throughout the process, dealing with patients in their native languages. We know that our international success depends on providing a friendly environment and speaking our patients’ languages, which is the first step to them feeling that we are looking after and understand them.

Certified success rates

Because of this, we achieve far higher than the average success rates achieved in Spain according to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF). Depending on the type of treatment, these can reach up to 80%, according to date certified by SGS and Applus.

High success rates of up to

Depending on the patient's age and medical history.
Thanks to our know-how, our pregnancy rates beat other centres' results.