Time Lapse Technique Assisted Reproduction

What is the Time-lapse Technique

One of the most important moments of an assisted reproduction treatment is the period between embryonic development and its transfer to the mother’s uterus. The Geri Plus incubator represents a great step forward in the quality of embryonic development. The incubator has a time-lapse system that monitors embryos as they develop from oocytes to blastocytes (embryo on days 5/6 of development).  It captures an image of the embryo every five minutes, generating large amounts of crucial information and enabling embryologists to evaluate cell division without needing to remove the embryos from the incubator.

Based on the extensive information available to the laboratory at IVF-Life on cell division times, embryos are classified objectively based on quality (high, medium, low) selecting the embryo most likely to reach the blastocyte stage and therefore the best embryo to transfer to the patient.

Unlike other incubators, Geri Plus has six independent spaces, each with its own high-resolution chamber. Each patient has its own incubator, guaranteeing that the embryos have personalised conditions for development and their development is not affected by that of the other embryos.

Geri Plus achieves higher pregnancy rates than regular incubators. This is because embryos are under constant observation, unlike earlier equipment (once daily), since there is no need to open the incubator to check how they are developing.

IVF-Life takes painstaking care with every stage of your fertility treatment to increase pregnancy rates and welcome more healthy babies into the world. We know how difficult undergoing these treatments can be and how emotionally wearing some patients find it, which is why work so hard to make your dream of holding your baby in your arms come true.