Ovarian rejuvenation

Ovarian regenerative therapy with PRP

The aim of ovarian regeneration (or ovarian rejuvenation) is to reactivate the remaining stem cells and follicles in the ovary to improve ovarian response in assisted reproduction treatments.

This therapy is carried out through biostimulation with plasma rich in platelets (PRP) and its application is particularly recommended in patients suffering from ovarian insufficiency, low ovarian reserve or undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments with a poor prognosis.


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What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is an autologous biological material, that is, obtained from the patient’s own blood, with a high concentration of platelets.

It is obtained after separating the components of a blood sample by centrifugation. PRP, once activated, triggers processes that produce the release of Growth Factors (GFs).

Growth factors stimulate the body’s own mechanisms for repairing damaged or deteriorated tissue, favouring, in this specific case, restoration and rejuvenation of the ovaries.

Ovarian rejuvenation step by step

Step 1: Taking blood from the patient

Step 2: Separation of platelets and selection by centrifugation

Step 3: Release of growth factors (GF).

Paso 4:Injection of PRP into the ovaries.


Applications of ovarian regenerative therapy

Ovarian failure

Low ovarian reserve

Advanced age (43-45 years)

Hormonal imbalance / low AMH

Failed IVF treatments

High rate of oocyte aneuploidy

*The feasibility of treatment depends on the medical diagnosis.