Sarah, Daniel and Isaac

Parents thanks to egg donation treatment

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In life, there are stories that make us smile, that invite us to reflect, and sometimes, tales that teach us that we must be persistent, even though everything seems complicated. Shared love and the longing to create a family are the pillars of this couple who achieved their desire thanks to an egg donation treatment and the expert hands of IVF-Life. 

Susan and Chris began their journey in the fertility field years before meeting IVF-Life in 2015. In the first clinic they attended, medical tests, waits and overflowing emotions, became a constant until they finally decided to opt for other options. 

It was at this point that they discovered IVF-Life Alicante, located on the Mediterranean coast, and decided to try again, this time, with personalised and adapted treatment to their needs. 

The beginning of a hopeful journey at IVF-Life Alicante

When it comes to becoming parents, the support and companionship of the right professionals is essential. Susan and Chris found constant, empathetic, and professional support at IVF-Life. 

“At IVF-Life we not only found a second opinion, we found a new perspective, a team that was focused on us, our story and our needs. We were not a number, but a couple with a dream,” 

explains Susan 

The human and personalised approach was something they both say they noticed from the first moment. In Chris’s words, the treatment offered by the clinic staff was like “a light that illuminated our journey, giving us the confidence to continue.” 

Both highlight how personalised attention, detailed information and transparency at every stage of the process made a huge difference. For Susan and Chris, “it is not only about a medical procedure, but about an experience that changed our lives.” 

Egg donation treatment and the right professionals

While the journey to motherhood is not always easy, for Susan and Chris it was made much simpler thanks to the support they received during treatment. In the couple’s words, they feel identified and aligned with the clinic: 

We felt at all times that we were part of something bigger, a community or a group of people who look out for each other” 

Thanks to their testimony, Susan and Chris are an example for many couples who, like them, had to find the right direction on their way to parenthood. Over time, Susan explains thatthings change, they feel different“. What were initially doubts, are now certainties and they know that the appropriate medical and human support offered by IVF-Life Alicante, has brought a substantial change in their lives, an enriching experience that has strengthened their bond as a couple. 

A new stage in Susan and Chris's life

Ovodonación, Egg Donnation, FIV, IVF, IVF-Life Group, Fertilidad, Tratamiento de reproducción asistida

Today, Susan and Chris have returned to Alicante to show Isaac the place that made possible the last seven years they have shared together. They are currently living a stage full of joy, laughter and love after a journey that, they acknowledge, has not been easy. The determination of this couple and the help of the IVF-Life experts have led them to safe harbour and, as Chris explains, “it’s been like a new life beginning, full of hope and possibilities.” 

We felt at home in the clinic and that made us feel that it was always the right place to get help to have our son Isaac” 

Their experience is proof that each journey is unique and that each story needs its own lines to be written, with the words and paper that best fit each one. However, among all these stories, there is a common place, the ability to change, to grow and to find happiness is a point of union among all the couples who seek solutions to become parents. 

“I just felt that I was in good hands 

The value of comprehensive and personalised care in assisted reproduction

At IVF-Life we are aware of the importance of providing our patients with the security and tranquillity they need to overcome each step together. This has led us to be a group of clinics specialising in complex cases and with excellent patient care, always focused on guiding and helping all the people who come to us, letting them know that they have our support at all times. 

If, like Susan and Chris, you want to see your dream come true, take the first step, contact our patient care team in this form: