Sara and her baby Alba

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The journey to motherhood begins with a desire, and in Sara’s case, everything started with the most important decision of her life. For Sara, a 42-year-old woman, the time to take the right path to become a mother came after going through several stages. A spark of hope and love ignited in her, leading her to seek ways to become a mother. 

"Having Alba has been the most important decision of my life"

For Sara, there have been several moments in her life when she has wanted to be a mother. However, although she had previously been in a relationship, she explains that it was not easy to find the right moment for both of them.When my partner was ready, I felt I was not and vice versa“. 

Comprehensive support to create happy stories at IVF-Life Madrid

Upon arriving at the clinic, Sara comments on how she was impressed by the attention offered by the clinic from the first moment. On her first day at IVF-Life Madrid, she had the opportunity to talk with the nursing and embryology professionals, and to have a first diagnostic consultation with their gynecology specialists. 

"The clinic is made by the people who work in it and they give a different value to our experience"

In this regard, from the beginning, Sara felt how the clinic team fully committed to her case, prioritizing her well-being thanks to comprehensive care. Throughout the treatment, she explains how thanks to the close treatment and the “special feeling” she had with Dr. Rut Gómez de Segura, it was possible for her to focus all her efforts on her tranquility and take the direction that best fit what her doctor advised. 

Sara underwent an embryo adoption treatment at IVF-Life Madrid and, after nine months of pregnancy, her dream of becoming a mother came true with the birth of Alba. At IVF-Life Group, we believe that this type of relationship between our professionals and our patients, allowing them to explore paths that, without this closeness and trust, would be impossible for them. 

Alba's arrival: A new stage for Sara together with her life partner

When our patients become mothers, there are countless aspects that change in their lives forever. The culminating moment of Sara’s journey was when, at last, she knew she was pregnant. 

IVF-Life Madrid, Reproducción Asistida, Fertilidad, Embriones

"The test was positive and the joy was enormous. I called my mother, my sister... it was incredible"

The arrival of her daughter Alba brought a total change to her life. Her daily routine transformed and has led her to live completely new experiences. “Right now I have a total dedication to her, but I’m very happy. I’m enjoying it to the fullest” Sara says. 

Thanks to her experience, Sara can offer everything she has learned. When we asked her to give us some advice for future couples and women who want to start a family like hers, she shared with us a simple but profound tip: 

"We should try to lead our lives naturally, not just focus on the treatment. It is very important to inform ourselves about the different types of treatments and enjoy the journey as much as possible"

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