Nathalie, Coni and their two IVF-Life treasures: Dario and Arni

Testimonio pacientes Clinica de Reproducción Asistida

The story we are going to share today is not just any story, but rather one of those that make you feel, learn and value all those things that really matter in life. Nathalie and Coni had always wanted to be mothers and thanks to the experience and professionalism of IVF-Life, they have managed to fulfil their dream twice. The road they have travelled during these years has not been easy, but their testimony shows us that tenacity and attitude are key in facing any obstacle. 

What were the beginnings of their adventure like?

Nathalie and Coni are a female couple who had never had any doubts about expanding their family, as they both dreamed of having children. However, it was not until 7 years ago, when they formalised their relationship at a legal level so that both could recognise their offspring, that they took the definitive step.

Unfortunately, 2016 had other plans for them, as Nathalie was diagnosed with a brain tumour which led to them postponing their wish to become mothers.

2019: a good year for Nathalie and Coni

As they say, after a storm comes a calm and, luckily, in 2019, with Nathalie having fully recovered, the couple were able to resume their plans for motherhood and began to look for clinics that could help them. During the process, a friend spoke to them very well about IVF-Life Alicante and that was the beginning of their story with us. 

After a few months, thanks to an IVF treatment, Dario came into this world. Finally, Nathalie and Coni were able to have what they were longing for and they have nothing but words of gratitude for IVF-Life Alicante. They also highlight the selection of the sperm donor that the centre’s professionals carried out for their case.

“It was a complete success. Our Dario matches us both visually and in character,”

Nathalie and Coni returned to IVF-Life to make their family grow

Two years after Dario’s birth, our patients decided to return to our clinic with the firm objective of giving him a little brother. Having foreseen this some time ago, they had frozen sperm from the donor which allowed them to have Dario. However, the quality of the eggs diminishes with age, and the only attempt they had to make their son and the new baby a biological siblings was not successful. 

Despite everything, at IVF-Life, neither we nor our patients don’t know what giving up means, so we opted for the possibility of embryo adoption treatment. Nathalie and Coni explain that taking this decision was not easy on an emotional level, as it was something different to what they had planned, but that, even so, they wanted to accept it, as it was the best option. 

“We liked the idea of giving life to an embryo, so we decided to follow this road,”

A new treatment, a new story and a new reason to smile

Nathalie and Coni thus embarked on a new and different treatment, facing with hope what was to be their last embryo transfer. One of the happiest moments they remember was when the doctor who performed the transfer that brought them Dario came to see them this second time to convey her hope that the beta would be positive and so it was! “The same happened for the first transfer, and in a way, it brought us luck. At that moment, thanks to her words, I felt that it had worked,” Nathalie confesses with emotion.

In this way, the couple had their second son, Arni, whose arrival gave Dario something that Nathalie and Coni consider very valuable: a brother to share his life with and who will always be there for him. 

What advice do Nathalie and Coni want to share with other women and couples?

Our patients strongly believe that, despite any obstacles that may arise, the adventure of becoming a mother can be a wonderful journey, and that hearing stories from people who have been through the same struggles is always enriching in order to learn from other life experiences. 

Nathalie and Coni explain that the desire to have a child is worth everything and that, for this reason, they encourage anyone who is considering this to give a trusted clinic a chance, which, in their case, was IVF-Life Alicante. They stayed with us because we gave them the security to do so and they felt that our centre was was the place to be. “You have to feel comfortable and have trust, which is what happened to us,” they argue. 

Although fertility treatment can lead to difficult moments, those who have undergone such treatment always emphasise that the reward is far greater. When our protagonists today think about the most exciting part of their IVF-Life adventure, Nathalie confides:

“For Coni, the happiest moment was when she was able to hear the heartbeat of our baby, Dario, which I acknowledge was a magical experience”.

Because that’s what we do at IVF-Life: give your family magical moments that, just like Nathalie and Coni, you will never forget. 

If you too are looking forward to expanding your family and want to know how our fertility medical team can help you achieve your dream, don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to meeting you! 

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