Luciana, Samuel, and their daughter Olivia

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Una experiencia inolvidable para ser padres en IVF-Life Madrid

An unforgettable experience of becoming parents at IVF-Life Madrid In an intimate conversation, Samuel and Luciana shared their experience at IVF-Life Madrid and how, despite their particular circumstances, they became parents to little Olivia. 

Both highlight the kindness, closeness, and humane treatment they received from all the staff, and how they felt comfortable and well-treated throughout the process. “From the moment my gynecologist recommended the clinic to us, we felt very supported throughout the process,” says Luciana. This feeling of support and care extended throughout the treatment, highlighting the attention given to them by their nurses, Raquel and Irene. 

Understanding and support on the path to parenthood

One of the factors that most affected their case was that Luciana has an autoimmune condition, which decreased her ovarian reserve due to medication and, therefore, her ability to become pregnant. The medication she was taking was incompatible with a pregnancy. 

Given this situation, the couple had a year to achieve their dream of becoming parents. A seemingly complicated goal but one that, thanks to the experience of the IVF-Life Madrid team, was possible. 

“We were very excited. That emotional management, that thought of whether we could continue, what it would be like if it didn’t work out the first time…, but we were very lucky and everything went smoothly from the start,” expresses Samuel with a smile. 

The joy of being parents and the crucial role of personalized treatment

IVF-Life Madrid, Reproducción Asistida, Fertilidad, Embriones

Today, the life of Samuel and Luciana has completely changed with the arrival of their daughter Olivia. A life full of happiness and love, where freedom takes on a different and valuable meaning. “It’s a gift to be able to be with her. We know other couples who can’t spend so much time with their babies and we are making the most of it. We are very happy,” shares Samuel. 

Throughout this journey, IVF-Life Madrid has been by their side at every step. “We were explained very well the chances we had in our case. We were called at every stage of the process until the day of the egg extraction,” narrates Luciana. They also mention the importance of a detailed explanation of the process, which allowed them to understand their situation and feel supported. 

Finally, the couple shares their hope of giving Olivia a sibling in the future and their willingness to donate their embryos in case they cannot achieve it. Once again, mutual support and that of their family has been crucial. 

Luciana sends this message to other couples who have not yet taken the step: “If this is your dream and you want to be parents, we recommend that you find out, get informed and go ahead, because the truth is that the reward is very good.” 

The story of Samuel and Luciana is a testimony of hope and happiness, and an example of the result of the work carried out every day at IVF-Life Madrid. A hopeful journey that reflects the dedication, empathy, and commitment of the clinic’s team to each of the people who come to it in search of fulfilling their dream of becoming parents. 

If, like Samuel and Luciana, your greatest wish is to be parents, request your first visit to IVF-Life by clicking here. We are looking forward to helping you achieve it!