Laura and her daughter Lola

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It’s true that every story we share from IVF-Life is unique: each person has their own circumstances and a distinct strength that drives them forward. However, Laura’s case serves as a reflection for many women who, like her, wish to become mothers. Despite having an unfavourable prognosis due to her endometriosis and low ovarian reserve, she made the brave decision to become a mother and pursued the true love of her life: her daughter Lola. 

Though she is currently enjoying a sweet period in her life, Laura had to overcome various hurdles, such as endometriosis and a low ovarian reserve, to eventually achieve pregnancy. Her testimony is an invaluable tale that shows that to realize the dream of creating a family, the most important thing is to believe in oneself and remain true to one’s desires. 

At present, Laura is in the third trimester of her pregnancy and is maintaining a healthy routine, exercising and taking walks daily, while eagerly awaiting the moment to finally meet her daughter. 

Detection of endometriosis and fertility study:

Laura shares that in February of 2020, she began undergoing various medical tests in the Public Health Service, and a month later, the COVID-19 pandemic began. It was during the lockdown when Laura discovered her reproductive health was unfavourable, as she had a low ovarian reserve and was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that had also affected the health of her pelvic floor. 

The prognosis for Laura was challenging, and she underwent two cycles through the public health system, unfortunately without success. It was at this point that Laura sought specialized assistance, trying her luck with a new private clinic in hopes of becoming a mother. Yet, even after three treatments at this clinic, pregnancy remained elusive. 

The importance of personalized treatment and patient care:

Laura felt no warmth from the professionals at the centre she visited, despite having undergone three embryonic transfer cycles with them. The lack of enthusiasm from many centres is an issue many patients, like Laura, face. They need comprehensive support far beyond just the medical and technical aspects. 

Laura decided not to continue with this clinic. And even though her journey was proving difficult, she remained steadfast in realizing her dream of motherhood. She was not mistaken. 

From the very beginning, I felt very comfortable, very supported, especially from the moment I walked through the doorWhenever I had a question, I’d write to my nurse, and she’d always respond the same day.” 

By the end of 2021, Laura discovered IVF-Life Madrid and felt welcomed from the get-go, establishing a great rapport with both the nursing team and her doctor. 

Support beyond the technical: the fertility treatment each patient needs  

Getting to truly know someone requires more than just brief chats every three weeks. At IVF-Life, we’re dedicated to understanding the needs of each patient and offering tailored support throughout their journey. 

Laura’s case is one of those complex cases that, due to her age, low ovarian reserve, and endometriosis which greatly hindered her chances of getting pregnant, required careful attention, allowing the medical team to understand all facets of her situation. 

During the last embryonic transfer, Laura had doubts about whether achieving pregnancy was genuinely possible, given the challenging path she had walked so far. Thanks to the support from her doctor, Laura pushed forward, and that’s how she finally became pregnant with Lola. 

IVF-Life Madrid, the home for mothers who make their dreams come true:

At IVF-Life, we understand the importance of providing our patients with the security and peace they need to take each step together. This has made us a group of clinics specialized in complex cases, capable of handling cases like Laura’s – a patient with endometriosis and a low ovarian reserve. We always offer exceptional patient care, aimed at guiding and helping all those who come to us, making them always feel supported. 

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