Laura and Daniel

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A coin toss at dawn: a free fertility treatment to regain hope

On any given night, at 1 in the morning, Laura was at home with her partner Daniel, trying to fall asleep. Nothing out of the ordinary, however, this night was not just another one in their lives, as soon everything was about to change. 

Laura and Daniel are an english couple who, after several years of trying to become parents, could not find the right centre or treatment to realise the birth of their first baby. By chance, Laura found an online contest on the Fertility Road platform that night, in which a free fertility treatment at the IVF-Life Alicante clinic was being raffled. For Laura and Daniel, that night was the first step on a journey they have just begun to embark on. 

We’re really over the moon. We never thought we would win, not at all,”
confesses Laura, moved. 

Laura and Daniel are the winning couple of the contest organised by the IVF-Life Group in conjunction with the Fertility Road platform, an initiative to draw from hundreds of cases, a free fertility treatment especially designed for complex cases. Thanks to the egg donation treatment, it is possible to allow women with a low quantity or quality of their ovarian reserve to obtain the best results, always accompanied by the appropriate diagnostic tests. 

This has come at the perfect time for us. We feel very grateful” 

For her, having registered for that contest was at the time something casual, a distant possibility that has now become reality. The journey to this point has not been easy for Laura and Daniel. Since they started looking for specialised solutions in fertility centres in 2019, they have had to deal with emotionally challenging moments. Stress and financial worries have been factors that led them to even consider whether they should continue trying to become parents. 

We reached a point where we wondered if we should give up, if we could still do this”
says Daniel. 

Thanks to this project, they are excited again to continue moving towards the birth of their first baby. Winning this contest has not only rekindled their future but has also become an invitation to start a new stage which, in Laura and Daniel’s words, has begun as “a summer of hope.” 

This has come at the perfect time for us. We feel very grateful.” 

Their first impressions at IVF-Life Alicante

On their visit to IVF-Life, Laura and Daniel have had a first contact with the team and the clinic of IVF-Life Alicante, allowing the couple to strengthen their confidence and learn what the initial stages of the treatment will be. 

After a consultation with Dr. Isabel Herrera, an expert in reproductive medicine and gynaecology at IVF-Life Alicante, the couple say they have been totally surprised by the meticulousness of the medical team. They appreciate the detailed approach to the treatment and the care put into explaining each step of the process, something that, according to them, was glaringly absent in previous experiences. 

“At other clinics, there were long periods without contact and we never really knew what was happening between each stage. We found ourselves waiting in limbo.” 

The personal treatment and constant attention were some of the aspects that they highlight in comparison to their past experiences. Unlike other clinics, where they could go through long periods without hearing anything, at IVF-Life they feel that having constant feedback from the patient care team allows them to feel fully involved in the process, providing clarity, tranquillity and confidence as patients. 

“So far the clinic has been absolutely amazing, we’re really excited.” 

The journey to parenthood with IVF-Life

IVF-Life Alicante, Fertilidad, Clinica de Reproducción Asistida, FIV, Inseminación Artificial, Ovodonación, Tratamiento gratuito de fertilidad

Looking to the future, Laura and Daniel feel great excitement and gratitude. After considering the possibility of giving up on their dream, this new chapter in their life has brought them hope and enthusiasm back. Now, they see the future with optimism and a deep desire to fulfil their longing to become parents. 

In the future, we will closely follow the story of this couple who, undoubtedly, serve as inspiration for many others who, like them, have had to face different obstacles to be parents together. 

At IVF-Life, we are committed to our professional approach, placing the patient at the centre of the whole process, making them protagonists of every achievement in the treatment and sharing with them the joys and concerns that the process entails. 

  • Find out how Laura and Daniel’s first visit went in the following video. 

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