Cristina and Cesar

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Cesar and Cristina are a couple who wanted to become parents, however, it was not that simple. After more than two years trying to achieve pregnancy naturally, everything seemed to indicate that there was something preventing them from achieving it. After undergoing various medical tests in public health services, the long waiting lists, among other reasons, made them seek help in assisted reproduction centers. 

"We were wasting a lot of time and we wanted to be parents already,"

The couple consulted practically all the clinics in their city, but none inspired them enough confidence to entrust their future as a family. That’s when a friend told them about IVF-Life Group, with clinics in Madrid, Alicante and Donostia. That’s how everything started to turn in the right direction. 

In their experience, Cesar and Cristina often felt that as patients, they were not taken seriously. They describe the atmosphere of many clinics as cold and impersonal, places where, once they had the information corresponding to the treatment, they became just another number on their patient list. 

"They didn't take us seriously, there were clinics where we didn't get past reception, they gave you all the information as if they were dealing with much more trivial matters"

Fortunately, they met IVF-Life Alicante and ventured to achieve their dream. 

IVF-Life, the home of dreaming parents Fertility Clinic,

Clínica de fertilidad, Reproducción Asistida, FIV, IVF-Life, IVF, paternidad
Cesar, Cristina and Alejandro with Dr. Sergio Rogel, Medical Director of IVF-Life Alicante

When they arrived, they were greatly surprised by how, from the first moment, every encounter with their professionals inspired commitment, tranquility and empathy. On their first day at the Alicante clinic, they were able to talk to the doctor about their case with great closeness and professionalism. All the information offered by the doctor was understandable and useful, very different from what they had previously experienced. 

"We felt we had all the explanations related to our case, the why and how to solve it"

Being parents: a decision and a desire for many couples

After all their experiences, they highlight the care with which IVF-Life treats its patients. In their first cycle they managed to become parents at first try and are on their way to giving Alejandro a little brother. 

Both felt very supported at all times and, for this reason, decided that IVF-Life would be the one to make their dream come true. Cristina got pregnant in the first treatment and Alejandro arrived in the world soon to fill his parentslife with happiness. 

"Currently we are in treatment and we are very excited to give Alejandro a little brother"

When we asked what they would tell other people who are considering going to clinics like IVF-Life, their answer is clear: “Don’t think about it too much, it is essential to find such a human and professional team” 

Assisted reproduction and couples who need it to achieve parenthood are a growing reality, something that sets apart those clinics that prioritize the well-being of their patients like IVF-Life. 

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