Carolina and Raquel

Método ROPA, Reproducción Asistida, fertilidad, ovodonación, FIV

The desire to be a mother is a heartfelt urge that many women feel from a very young age. Being a mother is, among countless other ideas and experiences, a special bond formed from the love of a couple who dream of sharing emotions, experiences and dreams together with their sons and daughters. 

This is the story of Carolina and Raquel, a couple who found in IVF-Life Group and the ROPA method exactly what they needed so they could both take part in this wonderful process of shared motherhood.  

“We both wanted to be mums, we'd discussed it a number of times and the ROPA method seemed like the perfect choice for us”

Carolina and Raquel talk about how, after several failed attempts at the ROPA method in another clinic, they arrived at IVF-Life Alicante and regained the hope of achieving their dream. At IVF-Life they found a clinic focused on offering the most advanced scientific solutions from day one, as well as the support that every patient needs to feel safe and confident during their journey to motherhood. 

A team that becomes family

Método ROPA, Reproducción Asistida, fertilidad, ovodonación, FIV

The road to motherhood, especially with the help of reproductive medicine, can be a journey full of intense emotions as well as ups and downs that can test your peace of mind. For Raquel and Carolina, the key has been to find the right place with a highly specialised medical team committed to their patients. 

“The IVF-Life team is exceptional, we get emotional when we look back at the support we had all through the entire process. It was as if we had a group of friends cheering us on at every step”

Attention, genuine concern and words of encouragement… it was all essential” the experience really touched them. “I remember that when it was time to do the transfer, every detail was taken care of, with music, dedications… It was a warm and special occasion that was nothing like what you might expect from a purely clinical setting”. 

Motherhood together with the ROPA method: A future full of joy and hope

Método ROPA, Reproducción Asistida, fertilidad, ovodonación, FIV

Carolina and Raquel are now enjoying motherhood with their son Jorge. Looking back, they remember the rollercoaster of emotions along the path they’ve travelled together. The medication, expectations and uncertainty are now a thing of the past. They’re now focused on making the most of each day with their son Jorge and at some time in the future, they hope to give him a little brother with the help of IVF-Life. 

“Being a mum has been the best thing that ever happened to us, despite the challenges, it's an experience that enriches you as an individual and as a couple. When you see your child for the first time, it all makes sense. Everything we went through has been worth it. It's a reward in every way”

Thanks to each other’s support and the accompaniment and experience of IVF-Life, Carolina and Raquel have been able to achieve what they wanted so much from the very beginning, to start a family. For couples dreaming of motherhood and considering reproductive medicine as an option to achieve it, this couple’s message is clear: no-one should lose hope and it’s essential that every woman or couple finds the right place and the right team that they can trust with their desire for parenthood.

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