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IVF-Life collaborates in the development of a tool to detect infertility

We had the opportunity to participate in the creation of the Fertility Risk Detection Tool (FRDT) recently published at the latest edition of the Fertility Conference 2022 “Rising to Global Challenges” held during the week of January 5th – 8th 2022.

The aim of this tool is to help women and men identify fertility risk factors early, be better equipped to understand their diagnosis and seek specialised medical care as early as possible.

In both developed and developing countries, the fertility rate of women and men has declined. Approximately one in six couples is infertile.

However, general practitioners, who are often the first medical point of contact, do not always have adequate training in reproductive medicine to carry out a detailed assessment and refer patients to specialists. As a result, it takes approximately 3.2 years to be diagnosed, another 1.6 years before being evaluated by a fertility specialist and 2.2 years to achieve pregnancy.

To address this problem, Andreia Trigo, founder of the Enhance Fertility Programme, has developed the Fertility Risk Detection Tool (FRDT), a questionnaire made up of 90 questions related to male and female reproductive health, reviewed by professionals such as Dr. Izquierdo, a specialised gynaecologist at IVF-Life Alicante.

After processing the responses, this tool allows patients to visualise their results in a meaningful way, as well as receive personalised care recommendations.

We began our collaboration with Andreia Trigo in 2018 with the goal of understanding the strategies and tools we can provide to our patients to improve their experience during fertility treatment. Since then, we have collaborated with her on several projects, including the development of this tool that provides many women and men with a first assessment of their fertility.

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