Artificial intelligence enters assisted reproduction to improve pregnancy rates

IVF Life Group gets closer to be Healthcare 4.0 using Artificial Intelligence to assess the genetic quality of embryos, make more accurate diagnoses and better treatment decisions.

With the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and ever improving imaging techniques, IVF Life Group, with clinics in Spain, Germany and UK, becomes the first one in Europe to non-invasively assess embryos to determine their genetic integrity.

That’s how AI, with its capacity to link it to data sources within IoMT, can make a huge difference. Here is where the AI products Life Whisperer Genetics and Viability, developed by global healthcare company Presagen, which this month received the CE Mark in Europe, uses images of embryos to assess their quality and selection, and ultimately improve IVF outcomes for patients.

The collaboration between Presagen and IVF Life Group, will lead the digitalization of healthcare in the IVF sector by helping to expand precision medicine, transform care delivery and to improve the patient experience.

The big distinction between Life Whisperer and other embryo assessment techniques, like non-invasive ones (Time Lapse morphogenetic), or invasive ones (PGT-A), is that this AI tool has the ability to learn and improve constantly from its own.

This continuous progress in AI and possibility to combine it with other techniques already in use, will enhance the accuracy of data and extract actionable insights that will improve the implantation rates and drive value-based healthcare to patients.

According to Dr. Michelle Perugini, CEO of Presagen, “IVF Life Group is a leading IVF company in Europe in terms of digitalization and innovation. The collaboration between us is just a first step to bring healthcare insights and professionals together in order to advance medicine and human health.”

Additionally, Dr. Jon Aizpurua, Founder & President of IVF Life Group, “We are thrilled to start collaborating with Presagen which is the company that perfectly approaches AI to healthcare in the IVF industry and beyond, to offer new hope to improve pregnancy rates.”

IVF Life, will offer all interested patients, at no additional costs, and for the next two months, the use of both Life Whisperer Genetics and Viability