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New IVF Spain premises

03 NOV, 2017

The international fertility clinic expands its premises with a new building for donors.

As one of the best assisted reproduction clinics at both a national and an international level, we are happy to announce that, with the aim of keeping our assistance quality at an excellent level, IVF Spain expands its modern premises through the opening of a new building.

This new space will count on the most advanced technology, a cutting-edge theatre and modern and homely medical offices, in an environment conceived for the donor’s comfort and relaxation.

In our pursuit to offer the best possible patient attention, we have not spared a detail.

We have created a space with a surface of close to 225 m2 dedicated exclusively to enhance the peace of mind and privacy of those who visit us. The environment has been generated, down to its smallest detail, to instil confidence and trust, which are key aspects when undergoing any kind of treatment.

The new building’s ample reception room is subtly decorated and equipped with the comfort required for our donors to feel enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and human closeness.

It has two doctor offices, complemented with an ultrasound area where donors will be consulted by our highly qualified medical and nursing staff.

The building also has a surgical area with three boxes which are equipped with everything necessary for our patients to be able to change comfortably and be stretchered to the operating theatre.

The ample theatre, which has a safety circuit that fulfils the required standards in Spain and the European Economic Community, is equipped with a circuit of medicinal gases, a breathing or anaesthesia machine, a heated surgery table supported by an electric tower, a LED television screen, a hysteroscope and a high resolution echograph. It is a perfect area for the performing of ovarian punctures, endometrial biopsies, diagnostic and operative hysteroscopies, transfers and minor surgeries.

Lastly we also have a patient post-operative care area with an independent circuit of medicinal gases where we can offer oxygen support if necessary, post-operative analgesia, thermic comfort, a snack to test oral tolerance and a detailed explanation by our medical and nursing personnel about the post-operative indications.

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