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IVF SPAIN takes part in STERN TV documentary on egg donation

25 MAY, 2018

Stefanie and Florian Schmode depend on egg donation to fulfill their dream of forming a family

Both suffer from fertility problems: Stefanie (32) was diagnosed premature ovarian failure and Florian (37) was diagnosed Asthenozoospermia (low sperm motility). Luckily, the clinic was able to improve his sperm quality with vitamins and state-of-the-art technology, and more importantly fertilise the retrieved eggs. In Stefanie’s case, however, donor eggs were needed.

Many German patients visit IVF Spain every year and start treatment abroad as egg donation is not allowed in their home country. Spain, however, is known for having one of the most progressive laws on assisted reproduction in Europe since 1998; and furthermore, the fact that egg donation is anonymous greatly contributes to an increasing number of women who are whiling to donate their eggs to help other couples, but also helps creating a larger donor pool.

Egg donors are young, healthy women who underwent thorough medical exams and genetic testing to ensure the health of future generations - unsung heroines that make it possible for couples struggling to get pregnant become parents.

STERN TV – one of the most renowned TV programs in Germany – joined the German couple on their journey: from the arrival at the clinic and the initial medical consultation to the embryo transfer and their thoughts on the entire process.

The documentary will also address a donor’s point of view and her true motivations to donate her eggs to another woman, alongside with an interview with IVF Spain founder, Dr. Jon Aizpurua.

The embryo transfer itself, carried out by gynaecologist and fertility specialist Dr. Natalia Szlarb, was a very emotional moment for the couple, who now have to wait 10 days before carrying out the pregnancy test.

Stefanie and Florian decided to share their story to remove the social stigma surrounding egg donation and open a debate that, hopefully, will make egg donation treatments available for everyone across Europe.

At IVF Spain, and on behalf of the entire team, wish them the best of luck.

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