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IVF Spain joins the initiative #ivfstrongertogether

24 JAN, 2018

We are participating in the solidary campaign initiated by the platform IVF Babble to increase awareness about infertility and support all those who suffer the consequences of it.

In IVF Spain we care about both the medical and psychological wellbeing of our patients. Our wish is to help these couples offering them advice and practical help, because we not only support the work of platforms such as IVF Babble, but we also endorse their initiatives. For this reason, we are pleased to announce our participation in the campaign that IVF Babble has recently set in motion called #ivfstrongertogether.

The aim of this campaign is to transmit a sense of solidarity, closeness and empathy to all those that have or are now suffering because of infertility, to let them know that they are not alone, that suffering of infertility must not be a stigma, and that it is actually a very common problem nowadays.

Our clinic’s fundamental pillars have always revolved around attention to detail, patient care, and personalised treatment, that is why we completely empathise with the emotional challenge that couples face when they undergo a fertility treatment.

We firmly believe in the values that integrate the #ivfstrongertogether campaign as means to overcome and normalise infertility-related issues. For this reason, we completely support the awareness movement that IVF Babble has initiated.

We know that not achieving pregnancy after going through an endless list of treatments may generate a great deal of emotional stress that can long-term become an insurmountable obstacle for many couples. Thanks to initiatives like this, the stress and insecurity that many of these couples feels can be eased.

To help and offer our support to this campaign, members of our clinic’s team: doctors, biologists and patient assistants, have collaborated posing with the pin that represents the campaign. We encourage you to participate and join us in our fight against infertility.

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