IVF-Spain has been awarded as the Best Clinic 2019 regarding Patient- Centred Care | IVF Spain

IVF-Spain has been awarded as the Best Clinic 2019 regarding Patient- Centred Care

18 APR, 2019

Egg Donation Friends has highlighted the close communication in patient’s own language, intimacy and personalised care during the whole process as the key pillars of IVF-Spain’s work

If there is an endemic misfortune in Reproductive Medicine and Fertility, that is the depersonalised attitude towards the patient. Since our beginning, ten years ago now, at IVF-Spain we know that part of our success comes from the fact that the patient is always placed at the centre of the process.

In addition to offering the highest standard of medical care and constant research applied to each fertility treatment, at IVF-Spain we devote a great deal of our work to improving our protocols and implementing new medical treatments aimed at patients with fertility problems.

This is why, after this hard work, Egg Donation Friends platform has evaluated IVF-Spain as the “Best Clinic 2019” in the categories of:

  • Customer Service & Communications
  • Intimacy & Care

Thanks to constant communication during the whole process we have been able to overcome the geographical barriers that could potentially hinder the access to treatment. Frequently, they are unsure about having fertility treatment overseas. From the first time of contact, they are able to verify that communication goes fast and in their own language and that the personalised care provides a positive experience during their journey with us.

Behind this visible side of our work, our empathy and closeness, there is a huge scientific and research effort that allows us to achieve pregnancy rates higher than the average. The technology available to our embryology team in the laboratory, such as the time-lapse system, helps selecting the embryo with the highest implantation potential and therefore the highest chance of achieving a pregnancy.  Likewise, we rely on security mechanisms to monitor and track the samples inside our lab, which also account to these high success rates certified by independent organisations and certifications such as ISO9001: 2015 and UNE179009: 2013, and prove that high quality standards are a reality at IVF-Spain.

The clinic’s facilities have been designed to make the patient’s experience as comfortable as possible. In the privacy of our individual waiting rooms many of our patients make very important decisions, as important for them as the fact that they wish to come back home having achieved their dream of creating the family they have always wanted for.

Both awards show that we are positively making progress towards humanising the IVF process, as we cannot forget what truly gives meaning to our work: creating a new life.

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