Egg Donation Friends grants IVF Spain the best egg donation program award

09 MAR, 2018

The renowned association 'Egg Donation Friends' has granted IVF Spain the 'Best Clinic in Treatment with Egg Donation' award, due to its excellent service and success rates.

Egg Donation Friends is currently a reference association for all those people that wish to become parents with the help of egg donation. Once again, this platform, created and formed by patients, certifies the quality of our fertility treatments with donor eggs, granting us an award to the best international clinic in this category in 2017.

In the following video, Inge Kormelink, Head Strategies & Policies in IVF Spain, explains the great honour it is for this clinic to have received this award. 

The main factors considered to give us this recognition are the same that motivate our patients to choose us: our ample egg donor bank, our high certified success rates, and our exceptional patient-centred service.

We are very proud to have received this credit once again. It encourages us to continue improving to offer the maximum quality and guarantees of success in our treatments.

Finally, from IVF Spain, we want to thank our patients for having trusted our specialists, through their experience, to place us as one of the best egg donation offering fertility clinics in the world.

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