Egg Donation Friends grants IVF Spain a treatment award

28 NOV, 2017

The association Egg Donation Friends awards the fertility clinic for the transparency and quality of their treatments.

In IVF Spain we are aware of the great number of difficulties and the emotional exhaustion that many couples must face in their way to parenthood.

That is why we take special pride in being granted an award for the transparency of our fertility programs, by a renowned association like Egg Donation Friends, which has been created and is solely composed by patients.

This is not the first time that this patient association decides to award our clinic: in the past recent years we have also been granted awards and certifications for the quality of our egg donation and PGD/PGS programs.

This year, the excellent work of the clinic’s team has yielded us an award for the transparency of our fertility treatments.

We truly believe that transparency and individualisation are key to offer our patients the best options to journey towards their dream of forming a family. That is why we pay special attention to the aspects that exert the greatest influence on the fulfillment of that dream, designing the most specific and personalised strategies in each case; because to us each patient is different and unique.

Our main goal as experts in fertility is for our patients to trust the quality of our treatments and also to make them feel safe during the process and confident about its success; this award encourages us to maintain this approach and to keep improving.

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