ASEBIR renews the management board seat of Enrique Olaya, embryologist in IVF Spain

23 NOV, 2017

The Association for the Study of the Biology of Reproduction (ASEBIR) renews the management board seat of a renowned embryologist of the fertility clinic IVF Spain.

In IVF Spain we have always known that, in order to offer the best results in any fertility treatment, it is necessary to have the most advanced technology available, the best fertility specialists, totally personalised treatments, and outstanding patient care and assistance protocols. There is no better formula.

Because of this, each member of our team works day by day with the aim of improving this formula, since this is how we achieve the highest pregnancy rates for our patients, on top of perfecting even more our care quality. This constant striving for improvement has not gone unnoticed by ASEBIR, the Association for the Study of the Biology of Reproduction, which has decided to renew the seat of Enrique Olaya, embryologist and technical coordinator of the IVF Spain laboratory, in their management board.

ASEBIR’s board is composed of members with diverse training in the field of biomedical sciences – biology, medicine and chemistry -, and covers different areas in the field of reproductive biology, encompassing both the care area and the areas of basic and applied research.

This renewal corroborates the excellent work carried out by our embryologist, who will continue to work towards achieving ASEBIR’s main goals, such as: promoting the study, development and diffusion of the different specialisations comprised by the Biology of Reproduction, establish technique-learning programs and exchanges, and promoting multidisciplinary studies.

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