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Webinar about Immunology and Fertility

On December 3rd Dr Diana Valero will explain the relationship between Immunology and Fertility

Dr Diana Valero will talk about reproductive failure, including recurrent pregnancy loss and failed IVF and the impact of immunological testing in the treatment of infertility.

There are many reasons why a pregnancy can fail, but in 50% of the cases the cause of the failure still remains unknown. Recent research has concluded that the maternal immune response contributes to the onset of these conditions.

A pregnancy is a biologically normal phenomenon in which the immune system, in addition to maintaining its protection function against external aggressions, actively participates in the different phases of pregnancy.

There are different types of maternal immune cells involved in the whole process:  some of these cells develop functions that can lead to the activation of an immune response. In other cases, they create an environment of tolerance where this response is usually prevented. Both aspects of the immune response are necessary to achieve pregnancy success, and since there is an appropriate time and anatomical location for each of them, there is a thin balance between maternal and fetal immune cells.

This balance will not only be directed to avoid identification of the fetal cells as strangers (which would lead to an attack by the maternal immune system), but is essential to allow the implantation and proper development of the embryo, and when the time comes, to promote childbirth. The relevance of this harmony is such that, the alterations of this balance, are those who lead to the appearance of complications during pregnancy.

The study of the state of the maternal immune system will help to detect the existence of deviations and foresee the development of possible complications. The goal of this kind of investigation is to choose the best treatment for each patient and improve their success possibilities.

About Dr Diana Valero

Dr Diana Valero, is a Pharmacist graduated at the University of Valencia, who obtained the Specialty in Immunology via Specialized Health Training at the University Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid.

During her specialisation, she made her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and the Master’s Degree in Research in Immunology at the same University. She has participated in many projects in the field of Genetics, which are now essential for the development of routinely medical pracites, as a Specialist in Genetic Diagnosis, Coordinator of the Molecular Genetic Diagnosis Unit, as well as Project Coordinator of the same unit between 2012 and 2017 in Sistemas Genómicos, Valencia.

During this time, Dr Valero acquired great experience in the design and implementation of protocols and projects, diagnostic and immunological and genetic counselling. As well as in continuous training of professionals and patients and scientific dissemination in the field of biomedical research to which her professional career has always been linked. Currently, her professional skills are focused on applying her knowledge and experience in the area of Immunology and Genetics, to reproductive medicine, working in IGLS- Integrated Genetic Lab Services in Alicante (Spain).

Don’t miss out this opportunity to get first-hand advice from a fertility expert. There will be a Q&A at the end to ask any questions.

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  • Date: 03/12/19
  • Time: 20:30h (Spanish time) 19:30 (UK Time).
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Date: 03 DEC, 2019
Time: 20:30H
Place: Online
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