IVF-Spain will be at the Manchester Fertility Show 2019 | IVF Spain

IVF-Spain will be at the Manchester Fertility Show 2019

Save the date and meet our fertility specialists – Free mini-consultations available


The city of Manchester is holding once again one of the most important events for all couples and single women who wish to build a family. At IVF-Spain, we are fully aware that facing fertility issues is a hard journey full of doubts and many unknowns. Therefore, our team of fertility specialists travel on a regular basis to meet people in need of medical help and further information on their fertility options. After London last November and, more recently, our early February patient meeting in the same city, we are now delighted to take part, one more year, in the Fertility Show Manchester.

“Most of the couples or single women we meet already know that the best way to form a family is to go to our clinic. After repeated failed IVF attempts, they need our state-of-the-art techniques, expertise, protocols and advanced technology”, says Dr. Szlarb. “However, deciding to go abroad to undergo fertility treatment is not easy. As a patient, you need to feel reassured, to understand what is going to happen beforehand and this is absolutely normal. Meeting the team who will take care of you is a great stress reliever and, as we all know, peace-of-mind, trust and confidence can make the difference in fertility treatment outcome.”

In order to receive the expertise of our fertility specialists, you can already book your free mini-consultation with Dr. Natalia Szlarb or Dr. Isabel Herrera by filling out the form above (limited spots). Don’t miss this opportunity to solve your doubts and receive medical advice from our best specialists in fertility and assisted reproduction.

In addition, Dr. Szlarb, medical director of IVF-Spain will also be holding a very interesting seminar on Saturday 23rd of March at 13.45, where she will answer the following question: Is Egg Donation a Cure for Recurrent Implantation Failure?

Useful details:

  • Date: 23rd & 24th March 2019
  • Place: Manchester Central Convention Complex | Exchange Hall
  • Entrance tickets
  • IVF-Spain stand: D-40
  • Free Mini-Consultation slots: Filling out the form above | limited places | on first-come, first-served basis
  • Dr. Szlarb's seminar: Sat. 23rd March, 13.45 | Is egg donation a cure for recurrent implantation failure?

Date: 23 MAR, 2019
Time: 10:00H
Place: Manchester
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