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Our fertility specialists have been fulfilling thousands of people’s greatest wish for years: to start a family. More than ten thousand families from around the world have become a reality thanks to us. In 2023, we want you to come to know us too, and fulfil that desire that you have spent so much time longing for. We will make it possible. 

Our doctors aren’t magicians, nor is science exact, but we are convinced that we can fulfil your wish because, to date, we are a leader in the fertility sector, specialising in complex cases. We have state-of-the-art technology in assisted reproduction and a multidisciplinary team of specialists with extensive experience in Assisted Reproductive Therapies (ART), which enables us to achieve high success rates in our patients’ pregnancies. 

This year is the time to fulfil your desire to become a mum. Take advantage of our promotion during this month and ask for your first free consultation with our doctors.

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With science and innovation as our flagship and medical and scientific teams with more than 30 years of lifecreating experience and exquisite patient care, IVF-Life transcends conventional assisted reproduction.  

As a complement to fertility treatments, we offer clinical, genetic, immunological, and regenerative medicine analyses, tackling diverse problems related to both male and female infertility for concrete solutions to a broad range of reproductive problems. 

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According to age and type of treatment, certified by SGS and Applus.

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Meet the IVF-Life Alicante medical team

Four renowned gynaecologists, specialists in Fertility and Assisted Reproduction


Dr. Sergio Rogel
Medical Director – Gynaecologist with expertise in Reproductive Medicine.

dra_alejandra garcia-villalba-deseos-concedidos

Dra. Alejandra García-Villalba
Gynaecologist and expert in Reproductive Medicine.


Dr. Oliver Pack
Medical expert in Reproductive Medicine.

Dra. Isabel Herrera-deseos-concedidos

Dr. Isabel Herrera
Medical expert in Reproductive Medicine.


Alicante – Madrid – San sebastastián – Baden-Baden – Manchester

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At IVF-Life Alicante, we are known for the excellence of our facilities, designed to guarantee an exceptional experience and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. You will find comfort and intimacy in an environment where you are the priority. Our multilingual team of experts in assisted reproduction works day after day to offer an empathy-based and personalised treatment for each of our patients. 

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