IVF treatments don't work

What happens when IVF Treatments don’t work

Starting an IVF treatment is a very difficult decision and it can be very emotional. What happens when IVF treatments don’t work?

Why does everyone get pregnant, but I have so many problems? Where should I go? What if IVF treatments don’t work for me? Who can guarantee that it will be successful?

All these questions come up when it comes to starting IVF. Nobody can promise that you will be successful at the first try, every case is different and not everyone is in the same situation. But there is something sure: there are some techniques, screening tests and treatment options that can certainly increase your chances and help to avoid unnecessary complications.

Advanced and new technologies we use at IVF-Life that can make a big difference during your IVF Treatment:

  • Incubators with Time-Lapse

The advanced Geri Plus Incubator works with the Time Lapse Technique which helps to monitor embryos as they develop from oocytes to blastocysts. Thanks to the images who are taken every 5 minutes the embryologists don’t need to interrupt this important process to see which embryo has the best qualities for the transfer. This advanced technique helps to select the best embryo for the transfer and to guarantee a better success rate.

  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening of aneuploidy

The Preimplantation Genetic Screening allows the identification of the chromosomal status of the embryos. In order to identify embryos without chromosomal abnormalities. Thanks to this information the embryologists can select the embryos who have the best qualities for a transfer. That way unnecessary transfers and complications can be avoided.

  • Advanced Sperm test

There is a 40 % chance that the infertility of a couple is due to the sperm quality, thanks to this technique the quality can be analysed, to be improved if necessary. With the advanced sperm test, you receive a very detailed analysis and thanks to these results the sperm quality can be improved.

Normal sperm tests don’t include every necessary parameter to make complete analyse of the sperm quality. The advanced sperm test at IVF-Life includes these parameters to guarantee the best results:

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation test
  • Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Test
  • Y chromosome microdeletion (YCM) test
  • Plodia Test
  • Oxidative Stress Analysis (ROS)
  • TESA

The TESA Technique (Testicular Sperm Aspiration) is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed with puncture and aspiration and is similar to a testicular biopsy.

The technique consists in extracting the spermatozoa if that is not possible by ejaculation. That way the sperm quality can be assured and the pregnancy success rates are higher.

If low sperm quality is the main problem of infertility, this technique can be the solution. Together with in vitro fecundation it can bring the wished results.

If the IVF treatments don’t work for you at the first try, the medical team will find out why and what is the best way to help you to make your dream of parenthood come true.

Negative Pregnancy test?

The fertility journey can be complicated, hard and frustrating, but the most important is to not drop everything if the road gets bumpy.

If the result of the pregnancy test is negative, the whole medical team will review every detail and find out what happened, the reasons and the best solution as soon as possible. The responsible doctor will contact the patient and together they will discuss the next steps.

At the same time the responsible patient care assistant will provide emotional support and new instructions about the medication plan.

At IVF-Life we put the wellbeing of our patients first and we always make sure they have a personal patient care assistant in their mother tongue who is there for them, from the first contact until the end of the treatment.

Always remember:

TRUST is what you need. You need a team that you trust and feel save with. Also a personal assistant from the patient care team, that supports you emotionally and understands your needs.

COMFORT is what a fertility clinic should offer you. You shouldn’t worry about anything and feel as good as possible. Let yourself get spoiled.

CALM is what you need to find, during this difficult process it will be very complicated, but the clinic will be happy to help you to find some ways to reduce your stress levels like fertility coaching, acupuncture or relaxation techniques, with support from other professionals.