egg donation|Egg donation: What is egg donation?

Egg donation: What is egg donation?

There are many families which every day turn to egg donation in order to achieve a very desired pregnancy. Thanks to anonymous donors, patients of fertility clinics fulfill their dream of starting their own family.

What is egg donation?

It is a selfless action from the donor, which helps the recipient family to conceive their baby. In order to confirm health and quality of the donor’s eggs, several tests are performed before the prodecure. That way, success of egg donation is guaranteed. At IVF-Life, that guarantee rate reaches 64.1%.

Once everything is all right, at IVF-Life Fertility clinic we will assure the matching of the cycles and the donor’s stimulation to obtain the eggs. We give priority to quality over quantity.

Embryo formation takes place through in vitro fertilisation. Those new embryos will be monitored in the laboratory and, thanks to the latest technology test EEVA, the one with a higher probability of pregnancy would be chosen. When a embryo with a higher pregnancy success rate is obtained, it will be implanted in the recipient and the fertility treatment will be finished.

In case of male infertility or lack of a partner, it is highly recommended to use the sperm bank which is obtained through anonymous sperm donation, or you can even ask for embryo donation.

When egg donation should be advised?

  • Women with psychological or premature menopause.
  • Women with a lack of eggs or infertility due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.
  • In cases of female infertility due to low quality eggs.
  • After repeated unsuccessful assisted reproduction treatments.
  • Women suffering from a genetic disease which cannot be diagnosed in the embryo.

Requirements for egg donation

The selection process is rigorous and follows some strict quality protocols set out by the Spanish Law on Assisted Reproduction. This law states that periodic tests and genetic studies must be run to eggs donors in order to guarantee not to suffer from any genetic, infectious or inherited disease which could be transmitted to the progeny.

Donors must fulfill the following features:

  • Women aged 18-34.
  • Do not suffer from any genetic or sexual transmitted disease.
  • High ovarian response.
  • Pass the psychological test..

Egg donation in Spain is a selfless and anonymous action. Its only aim is to help other women to get pregnant. Donors get a financial compensation for any inconveniences caused by travels or work-related incompatibility.

Egg donation in Spain

Spain has one of the most advanced fertility law in Europe. This is why people from all around the world come to the premises of the international clinic IVF-Life located in Alicante: Either egg donation is not permitted in their home countries, or if it is, it is not anonymous. Therefore, donor banks are rare.

IVF-Life strictly fulfills all quality and donors selection standards. Due to its high demanding level, IVF-Life has been awarded by the Organisation of Assisted Reproduction Clinics (WhereIVF) with the IVF CLINIC AWARD 2014. It is the first Spanish clinic to get this award, thanks to its excellence in its egg donation programme.