Em (44) & Julie (37)

Em and Julie came to IVF Spain looking for help and support to become mothers because as a lesbian couple they encountered many obstacles to do so. However, with the help of the Fertility Road magazine and IVF Spain they were given a new chance to fullfill their dreams.

In this video, they tell us a little bit about their story; about their vision of having a family; about becoming mothers and about their fertility journey through egg donation. Fertility treatments were not working at home so they decided to look for the best clinics abroad. After an extensive research, they finally found and chose IVF Spain.

The first and most important point they considered was ‘technology’ and IVF Spain ticked all the right boxes with the best level of new technologies ‘all under one roof’.

In addition the ‘patient experience’ and the physical environment of the clinic were also very important to them and this combined with the personalized treatment plan and attention from the medical team they received gave them the confidence to choose IVF Spain.

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