Didier (35) & Katrien (32)

After many unsuccessful IVF treatments in Belgium, Didier and Katrien decided to undergo an egg donation in Spain. It was their last chance to become parents. Both Katrien and Didier tell us about their very long fertility journey; their countless attempts up to the point where they felt they had no other option.

During this 20-minute-long video, we accompany them to Alicante, to the IVF Spain clinic, to the operating and then back to Belgium where they wait for their results. 

This is an excellent piece from Belgum television who followed the couple during their journey. It explains from a foreign and journalistic perspective, how egg donation is working in Spain and why the results are better than in other countries. Doctor Jon Aizpurua, General Director of IVF Spain provides additional material to support this view.

The report also includes the testimonial from the  anonymous donor, who explains the reasoning behind her decision to become a donor. 

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