Darlene (42) & Richard (45) – 3

Darlene and Richard came to IVF Spain asking for help.

In this video, they tell us how they tried everything at home, from visiting the ‘best clinics’, to achieving pregnancy twice before tragic miscarriages.

They felt that they had become mere ‘numbers’ during treatment and couldn’t accept being told by their doctor to “try again” – they couldn’t accept a simple treatment repeat without further tests – the wanted and deserved a lot more… The search for alternative options for them became all too stressful with numerous conversations with clinics’, chats in forums and online searches.

However, they had found the Fertility Road Magazine to be very interesting and helpful so decided to participate in the Fertility Journey Project. By that time, IVF Spain was already topping their favourite clinics list, with better technology, better tests, better techniques, and a better environment.

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