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TEST: Should I preserve my egg cells?

The age to become a mother has been pushed to what some years ago was impossible. Nowadays it is common to become a mother after 40, something which, when our parents got married seemed to be utopia.

Many women are not aware that the ideal biological age for a woman to conceive is 25. After the age of 35, a woman’s ability to conceive spontaneously decreases drastically. At this age the possibility of getting pregnant is only 25%, and after 40 it’s just 10%. As a response to this problem, reproductive medicine has evolved to offer solutions to those women who feel that they must postpone maternity. Fertility preservation through cryopreservation at -196C allows for the eggs to stop aging, without damaging them, until the right time for fertilisation comes.

If you are thinking of preserving your fertility, but you still have doubts, we encourage you to answer these 6 questions which will help you identify whether you are in an ideal position to preserve your fertility through an egg cell freezing or cryopreservation treatment.

At what age would you like to become a mother?

A. Not over 30, I’d like to be a young mother.

B. Whenever I truly feel ready for it.

My family and friends tell me…

A. To enjoy life and not worry, that I am still too young to have children.

B. That my biological clock is ticking!

Do you have any oncological problems, lupus, or difficulty in getting pregnant due to other illnesses?

A. No

B. Yes

Did you know that egg quality is inversely proportional to age?

A. Yes, and probably that is why I want to become a mother as soon as possible.

B. I was not sure, but now that I know, I think that I should take measures now that I am still young.

How do you picture your career in relation to motherhood?

A. It doesn’t really worry me. I think I can reconcile work and family life with just a bit of effort.

B. Currently, I’d rather focus on my professional growth before becoming a mother.

Each woman is born with a limited egg endowment. Ovarian reserve is the amount of available eggs at a given time, and it is key when trying to achieve pregnancy. Do you know your ovarian reserve?

A. Yes, my gynaecologist has stated that right now it is adequate to attempt pregnancy.

B. No, and I’m worried about continuing to lose eggs with every menstruation.

If you have answered mostly A…

It may not be the ideal time for a fertility preservation treatment. It is quite probable that you become a mother naturally in the near future. Our advice is for you to relax and enjoy life, without obsessing over the idea of getting pregnant immediately.

If you answered mostly B…

You are at a stage in your life where it is highly recommended that you have a fertility preservation treatment in order to delay your age to become a mother.

If this is the case, and you are considering undergoing treatment in order to preserve your fertility, we will take this chance to give you 2 more pieces of advice:

Ideally have it done before the age of 35, to guarantee higher quality egg cells, without chromosomal alterations, thus increasing the success rate at the time of transferring the embryo.

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