TESA technique

Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) is a minimally invasive technique performed under local anaesthetic similar to a testicular biopsy by puncture and aspiration.

TESA is designed to take spermatozoa directly from the testicles when this has not been achieved by other means, because ejaculation is not possible, or because there are no viable sperm in the seminal fluid: azoospermia or necrospermia, as is the case with vasectomised patients.

As well as being useful in case of sperm conditions, TESA is also used in cases where the likelihood of conception is low, improving results when the main cause is low quality sperm in ejaculate.

The TESA technique for sperm retrieval can be combined with in vitro fertilisation to achieve pregnancy. At IVF-Life our priority is to offer our patients the most advanced fertility techniques and the latest technologies to enable them to conceive a healthy baby.