IVF-Life and the Importance of Diagnosing the Male Factor

Contrary to popular belief, infertility and sterility diagnoses associated with the male are the cause of a large number of fertility treatments indicated by specialists in reproductive medicine. In fact, according to the latest National Activity Registry of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), 19.9% of in vitro fertilisation treatments with the patient’s own oocytes were […]

5 popular beliefs about male fertility – myth or reality?

Despite the fact that reproductive medicine is booming and regularly introduces new advances that boost its development and the progress of society, as with everything else, it still has some unresolved issues. A symptom of this is the lack of knowledge that still surrounds male infertility, which favours the propagation of myths – or half-truths […]

What is the male factor infertility?

male factor

The male factor infertility represents approximately 40% of all causes of infertility. The abnormal quality of the sperm affects practically half of the couples that present fertility issues. Since in these cases the chances of achieving a natural pregnancy are significantly reduced, the male factor must be meticulously evaluated. In this article, we want to […]