The Influence of Nutrition on Fertility

diet and fertility

Poor nutrition can negatively affect fertility in both men and women who want to conceive. Today, it is common to consume foods that have a negative impact on our reproductive health. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns of the need to limit the consumption of saturated fats and trans fats, salt, and sugars, […]

Can I still become a mother after having cancer?

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a shocking and absolutely devastating experience. Especially for someone that dreams of still becoming a parent by own means. The International Agency for Research on Cancer estimated that approximately 19.3 million new cases will be diagnosed worldwide in 2020. However, we know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected […]

Assisted hatching and embryo implantation: what is it and when is it recommended?

hatching asistido

Implantation of the embryo is one of the most important steps in an assisted reproductive treatment. In many cases in which the embryo has been examined and all possible factors have been ruled out, but implantation has not been successful, it is recommended to use the Assisted Hatching technique to rule out the presence of […]