Eicel- en zaaddonoren; wat de gevolgen kunnen zijn voor ouder en kind|Eicel- en zaaddonoren; wat de gevolgen kunnen zijn voor ouder en kind

Sperm Moves Best for Moderate Exercisers

According to a new study, men with a moderate amount of exercise have better sperm motility in comparison to men who are less or more physically active.

Motility refers to the sperm’s ability to swim and move towards an egg, an important factor in fertility.

The study by researchers at Yamaguchi University in Japan included 215 men who provided semen samples and information about their physical activity levels. The men were divided into three groups: strenuous, moderate or light exercise. Age and body mass index were similar among the three groups.

The moderate-exercise group had the highest average sperm motility. Among this group 14.3% of men had less than 40% sperm motility; in the group of light- and strenuous exercise 31% and 27% respectively had less than 40% sperm motility.
The study was slated for presentation Wednesday at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando.

“Exercise is a component of an overall healthy lifestyle which contributes to reproductive health. This study, which uses frequency, intensity and duration to quantify the amount of exercise a subject gets, shows that a moderate exercise routine may be recommended to modestly improve semen parameters in men with no known conditions that impair their reproductive capacity,” ASRM president-elect Dolores Lamb said in a society news release.