Improve the effectiveness of your fertility treatment with state-of-the-art regenerative therapies

Regenerative medicine that enhances fertility

We use innovative therapies such as the injection of plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) from your own blood to revitalise your endometrial and ovarian tissue, optimising your chances of conceiving and fulfilling your dream of becoming a mother. 

The bioactive components of PRGF promote cell proliferation and differentiation, favouring tissue repair and regeneration, improving ovarian and endometrial function, optimising the chances of conception and contributing to the success of assisted reproduction treatments.

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IVF-Life at the forefront of assisted reproduction

IVF-Life, with headquarters in Alicante, Madrid, and San Sebastian, is a group of assisted reproduction clinics of recognized prestige in Europe. Our reputation is based on our high success rates which we achieve through an advanced scientific approach, the use of cutting-edge technology, and our specialisation in complex cases. 

This is evidenced by the many patients who have come to us from other centres, after an average of 4.5 failed cycles or miscarriages, in search of viable solutions. 

In addition, the Spanish regulatory framework, which is undoubtedly favourable in the fields of fertility, genetics, immunology, and toxicology, allows us to continue our commitment to research and development of innovative techniques and apply our fertility treatments to some methodologies that are not available in other countries. 

Some of the most popular and requested services at IVF-Life, especially among foreign patients, are regenerative treatments, such as ovarian and endometrial rejuvenation. 

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Ovarian rejuvenation

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Ovarian regenerative therapy is a procedure that aims to restore ovarian tissue to restore the function of these organs, improving oocyte production capacity and quality, and ultimately improving fertility and the likelihood of conception. 

It is a non-invasive therapy that guarantees greater compatibility and lower risk of rejection, since it is an autologous therapy, meaning that it is obtained from the patient’s own blood. 

What does the process of ovarian rejuvenation entail?


It involves taking a blood sample, centrifuging it to extract the serum and using biostimulation to obtain the Platelet-Rich Plasma, which the gynaecologist injects into the woman’s ovaries. The PRP reactivates the remaining stem cells and follicles in the ovary, stimulating the ovarian response. 

When is it recommended?

  • Ovarian insufficiency 
  • Diminished ovarian reserve 
  • Advanced maternal age (43-45 years) 
  • Hormonal imbalance/low AMH 
  • Failed IVF treatments 
  • High rate of oocyte aneuploidy 
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Uterine or endometrial rejuvenation

Endometrial regenerative therapy, also known as uterine rejuvenation, involves the reprogramming of dysfunctional subendometrial tissue or damaged endometrium. 

After obtaining the PRP, which is extracted from a blood sample taken from the patient herself, and injecting her own plasma directly into the uterus, we can achieve the regeneration of uterine tissue, which is essential for embryo implantation. 

What does the process of uterine rejuvenation entail?


The patient’s blood is subjected to a process that isolates and concentrates the stem cells. These cells are activated and then injected into the uterus in the hope that they will improve and regenerate the endometrial lining, creating a more favourable environment for embryo implantation. 

When is it recommended?

  • Internal or chronic adenomyosis/endometriosis 
  • Pathological microbiome composition 
  • Hypotrophic or “refractory” endometrium 
  • Cases with Asherman’s syndrome 
  • Deficient subendometrial vasculature (VFI) 
  • KIR-HLAC incompatibility 
  • Patients with recurrent miscarriages (immunological/rheological or idiopathic) 
  • Implantation failure 
  • Obstetric risks due to pathological placentation (accreta, increta, pre-eclampsia…) 
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Our locations


IVF-Life, our assisted reproduction clinic in Alicante, is in a unique enclave: the beach of San Juan. This area is home to the elegant and modern IVF-Life building, where the medical team provides daily care and advice to families who come with a common goal: to conceive a healthy baby. 

IVF-Life Madrid Clínica Reproducción Asistida


IVF-Life Madrid is our international fertility and assisted reproduction clinic located in the heart of the Spanish capital. The aim of our clinic is the same as that of our patients: to help create and grow families. 

IVF-Life Madrid Clínica Reproducción Asistida
Clínica-IVF-Life Donostia


The Basque Fertility Institute, IVF-Life’s clinic in Donostia, is a centre specialising in Assisted Reproduction, Gynaecology, and Obstetrics. An essential pillar of our philosophy is the personalised care and attention we give our patients during their fertility treatment. 

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Enjoy reproductive medicine treatments with growth factors and make your dream of being a mother come true.