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Pregnant mothers are able to modify their babies’ DNA

The prestigious journal Development has published a study, in which the Barker Hypothesis on the genetic modification of the baby by a pregnant mother in egg donation cases, could be proved right. In 1990, David Baker already stated that “what happened in the maternal uterus was more important than what happened at home after the birth”.

This study, carried out by Spanish researchers, explains that there is an exchange between the endometrium molecules and the embryo’s DNA in such a way that, when micro-molecules in the endometrial fluid are in contact with DNA of the endometrium core, they could modify the genome of the future baby.

This finding meets the need to know more about what happens in the uterus, given its importance to succeed in the reproduction process. And most important, it is a breach of the idea of the mother recipient of an egg donation treatment not having an influence in the genetics of her future baby.