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Eliminar el término: Why am I not getting pregnant? Why am I not getting pregnant?

Why am I not getting pregnant?

Article supervised by the medical team of the IVF-Spain clinic It’s not easy to stay optimistic when you want to become a mother and it just won’t work. The hope of eventually getting there, going to the doctor and trying to get pregnant is associated with intense and also frustrating feelings. In these moments, you may ask yourself: Why am I not getting pregnant? The answer to this question is that fertility can be affected by various reasons.

two week wait

The two week wait: How to survive it and its symptoms?

That time between the embryo transfer and the result of the pregnancy test, also called the two week wait or beta hCG, is one of the most difficult phases of fertility treatment is nothing new. Today, we at IVF-Spain would like to talk about the symptoms that may occur during this process and give you some advice on how to better manage the waiting period. For this purpose, we have talked to our specialist Raquel Pascual, nurse and psychologist at the IVF-Spain clinic in Madrid.

Fertility Myths
Fertility treatments

Fertility Myths: Clearing up what no one dares to expose

You can choose the sex of your baby during fertility treatment. Taking contraceptives affects fertility. Getting pregnant is easy… Are you familiar with any of these fertility myths? To clear up misinformation, in this article we from IVF-Spain will set the record straight on those fertility myths that, sadly, we’ve all heard at some point or another.

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Motherhood at 40 – Is it possible?

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest and most life changing decisions a woman can make. It is also a very important one, where couples or single woman wait for the ideal moment to have children. It is a reality that more and more women are putting off having children until their 40s. There are various reasons (financial, social or professional reasons) as to why motherhood is being postponed. But at some point women reach an age where their start asking themselves: Is Motherhood at 40 possible? Can I even become pregnant in my 40s?

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Implantation bleeding: How to recognize it?

One in three women have implantation bleeding. Between the first and second week of gestation they detect a slight loss of blood that happens when the embryo nests in the wall of the uterus. This may be one of the first obvious signs of pregnancy.

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Coronavirus and pregnancy

Considering the social alarm associated with the worldwide spread of the new COVID-19 virus (popularly known as coronavirus), and after studying strictly and in detail the available medical information, the IVF-Life medical team states that: COVID-19 is a new strain of virus whose infection in many cases, is asymptomatic or produces mild symptoms. In other cases, it presents as common flu, and only poses a risk to those who are immunocompromised or elderly people. In those severe cases, some must be hospitalized as their condition could become life threatening. At this point it should be remembered that even in these cases the

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Which are the reasons for infertility?

Infertility affects 1 of 6 couples worldwide. Nowadays 40% of the reasons for infertility are due to the female factor, but other 40% are due to the male factor. The rest in mixed or unknown. It is normal to know someone nearby who is struggling to get pregnant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), infertility is considered to be when after one year of trying naturally, pregnancy is not achieved. Then it is advisable to go to an assisted reproduction centre so that a specialist can make a complete diagnosis and find out the causes of infertility. At IVF-Spain

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Special World No Tobacco Day

The 31st of May the world celebrates the World No Tobacco Day, which seeks to promote its consumption reduction to contribute to the development of society.