Overall success at Dublin patient meeting

Dr. Natalia Szlarb answered all of the attending couples’ questions and cleared their doubts in regards to undergoing treatment abroad

Back in Alicante our international patient assistants confirmed the total success of the meeting arranged by IVF Spain on the 9 June at The Croke Hotel in Dublin.

Dr. Natalia Szlarb, Medical Director from IVF Spain, together with international patient assistants, Ellis Ofenhammer and Natasha Dawson (on the picture), answered the questions from all the couples who are thinking about taking the next step and start their journey in Spain.

Spain, unlike other European countries, has one of the most liberal and modern laws on assisted reproduction in Europe. It allows anonymous sperm and egg donation, which directly contributes to an increasing number of donors. As a result, reproduction clinics are able to select donors for their patients in shorter periods of time and match them better to the patient’s phenotypes, thus ensuring the health of future generations.

At IVF Spain we remain committed to offering patient centered and empathetic patient care. To do so, every year we arrange several patient meetings in different countries and offer free on-site medical counseling to all who are having problems to conceive a healthy child.

We still do not have exact dates for our upcoming patient meetings, but if you are interested in attending one of them, be sure to check out our social media and news. We will post all the event-related information there.