Restarting treatment

Key steps to keep in mind when planning to restart your treatment

At IVF-Life we are doing everything possible so that our international patients can resume their treatments as soon as possible and in the safest way.

Below, we summarize a series of key steps to be taken into account when planning the restart of treatments and, consequently, of travel to our clinic from outside Spain.

  • Check with your airline for flight availability.
  • Border Control: Border control checks upon arrival and possibly upon departure. Medical certificate from IVF Spain (allows for travel due to health reasons).
  • Covid test or transit passport: Free test to all patients on arrival at IVF-Life who do not have a vaccine passport or are not yet vaccinated with both dosis, as vaccinated people have a low probability of contracting covid-19, and even lower probability of developing severe disease if they are vaccinated. We will provide you with a medical certificate to avoid, as far as possible, a quarantine on your return.
  • Regulatory expectations: The State of Alarm in Spain is extended until June 7th. Several countries are currently studying possible agreements to establish safe corridors for air and road travel. These restrictions do not apply to travel for health reasons; therefore, our patients are exempt from restrictions to travel to Spain because they are coming for medical treatment.


If you have any further questions, please contact us via the following link:

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