Letter of appreciation from a patient to IVF Spain

Fertility stories are always filled with emotion, uncertainty and controversy. To decide having a child is more difficult when you are a physician yourself and over 40 and a single woman. However, after long deliberation I made a final decision. I was prepared for challenges. I started investigation and research based on my criteria.

My main goal was to rank centers based largely on their success rates with in-vitro fertilization. In the process of “casting” IVF-Life was my second choice up until my online interview with the physician.

From the very first moment I knew this is it!

This is what and this is who I could trust completely – I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful caring and guidance. Your patience in explaining in great detail gave me an incredible sense of assurance and support. Knowing that you were in charge made me feel that everything was going to be the best it could be.

Having a Doctor like you is an absolute treat! May you continue with your most worthy and honorable work, helping people fulfill their most wanted dreams and bringing new lives on this world. Once again I want to point out, that in my whole life it was one of the best decisions I ever made – asking IVF Spain for help, that made a potential stressful infertility journey a pleasure and as a result I am looking forward to meet my baby girl Ana-Natalia! 

I am proud to tell people about my experience and about how I had one of the best doctors in the field as my physician. My appreciation to you all is beyond measure!