IVF Spain stands out in all aspects of donor management

Find out why our egg donation treatments are so successful

In IVF Spain we offer an excellent egg donation program that relies on an egg donor bank of more than 500 donors of different nationalities (European, Asian and Middle Eastern, etc.). Thanks to this, we can offer our patients a donor who has the most similar phenotype to the recipient couple without waiting lists.

Moved by this wish to help others, and thanks to the openness in Spain towards egg donation, there are many women keen to donate; which contributes to there being a wide range of available phenotypes. Our donors are mostly university women who want to help other women who cannot have children

The donors do receive a symbolic financial compensation to make up for any possible inconveniences caused by the process.

By law in Spain the egg donor must resemble the recipient (the patient) as much as possible. With the aim of bringing this resemblance to its highest possible point, IVF Spain developed a highly specialized software that was created for our clinic exclusively, and that helps us find the most adequate set of possible donors for each patient.

Previous to starting the donor’s stimulation we perform numerous medical examinations that include genetic and psychological tests, as established by the Spanish law.

In IVF Spain we always try to go a step further to provide our patients the best service and attention. For this our donor testing includes (among other studies):

  • Genetic testing (aka Screening Recombine) able to detect up to 213 monogenic diseases.
  • Karyotyping, Search for alterations in the number of chromosomes or in their arrangement because can cause different degrees of issues in the carrier.
  • Personal and familiar antecedents to rule out risk of transmission of any hereditary diseases.
  • Study of diseases: HIV, chlamydia, hepatitis, rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus or syphilis, among others.
  • Psychological assessment

By the time the donor stimulation must start we will have found a donor that holds the maximum phenotypic compatibility with both members of the couple.

The attention to detail and personalized treatment are part of our trademarks as a fertility clinic, that’s why IVF Spain stands out in all aspects of donor management such as:

  • Large donor pool
  • Efficient donor- recipient matching,
  • Donor care
  • No waiting list