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IVF Spain organises a new patient meeting in Dublin

On June 9th the fertility centre will offer free mini-consultations with Dr. Natalia Szlarb at The Croke Park Hotel

Once more, IVF Spain is traveling to reach all the people who wish to form a family but have not been able to fulfil this dream yet. This time, and as a response to a great demand, Dr. Natalia Szlarb, Medical Director of IVF Spain, and two experienced patient assistants, Ellis Ofenhammer and Natasha Dawson are flying to Dublin.

One of our aims as assisted reproduction professionals is to provide our patients completely personalised attention and clear, detailed and above all accessible information. For this reason, this is your opportunity to meet our team, book a free mini-consultation with Dr. Szlarb and have the chance to receive first hand her medical counselling.

On top of your free mini-consultation, we invite you to attend her presentation where she will talk about how using new technologies and advanced techniques in ART and following a personalised patient journey can explain IVF Spain high success rates.