IVF Spain in Spiegel TV

Spiegel TV, the prestigious German TV program, broadcasted on the 11th of June an emotional and very real documentary on assisted human reproduction and fertility in Spain

In order to provide more clear and precise information for actual and prospective patients as well as those unsure of the science the international fertility clinic IVF Spain, has volunteered its facilities for this documentary, called ‘Die Babymacher’. 

In the words of Dr. Jon Aizpurua, Director of the clinic and gynaecologist: ‘we are pleased to be able to shed light on this issue; some of the techniques and treatments we employ are still banned in many European countries because of prohibitive legislation, which considers certain religious and social taboos as being of greater importance than the general public interest’.

The documentary follows the emotional story of 4 couples (2 German, 1 Spanish and 1 English) through their journey to parenthood.  The film deals with real life stories that are complex; the couples share their fears, the difficulties and the excitement that fill their respective journey’s and leaves no doubt that the service offered by IVF-Life is both invaluable and awe inspiring. 

If you want to obtain information about your particular case, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via this link.