IVF Spain holds a workshop about best practices in Embryology and Biopsy in its facilities

The most prominent companies in research and development in the field of assisted reproduction and genetics choose IVF Spain to provide an interesting course about biopsy and embryology.

Since the creation of IVF Spain we have pursued the goal of helping all our patients achieve the dream of conceiving a healthy baby. We have also supported the development of the fertility profession and have demonstrated a commitment new technologies and invested in innovation and development.

This foresight has enabled IVF Spain to be seen as a benchmark for quality and scientific advancement. 

We are proud to work alongside leaders in their respective fields. A recent example is a course we organized on  effective biopsy and embryology practice attended  by the leading companies in genetics and assisted reproduction at an international level: Illumina, Biocare Europe and IGLS.

Illumina is one of the most important companies in the world in the field of genomic research. It is also a leading company in the development of tools and integrated systems for big data analyses of genetic variation. These systems are allowing studies that were unfathomable a few years ago and which bring us closer to personalised medicine.

IGLS is an innovative Company that offers advanced and integrated genetic services for reproductive medicine. They use cutting edge technology and equipment to provide more accurate and reliable solutions to fertility centers, hospitals and other sanitary institutions all around the world.

Biocare Europe is a leader in the European assisted reproduction market. They distribute a broad range of high quality equipment and consumables for fertility clinics and centers.

In IVF Spain we do not only treat common infertility cases, we specialise in the most complex cases, finding real solutions for all those couples that have not achieved parenthood after undergoing several treatments in other clinics. This success is down in part to the time taken to identify and diagnose problems – once this has been achieved an effective treatment plan is then more viable. 

This has been possible thanks to the constant improvement and innovation in our research and work processes where the patient is at the forefront of everything we do. This simple concept has enabled us to obtain and maintain our leading position in the sector in which we work. 

For us cutting edge technology in assisted reproduction is much more than a luxury; it is a necessity. It is a prerequisite for effective treatment and consequently higher success rates for each patient.