IVF Spain & GERI: Changing the future

At IVF Spain, Alicante, we are fully committed to offering our patients the latest and most advanced technologies available in on assisted reproduction, such as GERI, the most advanced embryo culture incubator designed by Merck, leaders in high-tech healthcare products.

An incubator is absolutely crucial for an assisted reproduction laboratory as it ensures the survival of the embryo while being cultivated outside the uterus – exposing the embryo to a non-optimal environment can affect its viability and quality. It is therefore necessary to createan environment which as close as possible to the natural conditions of pregnancy during the embryo’s incubation period, which is essential to ensure an optimal development of the embryo.

GERI creates the optimal culture conditions by keeping an adequate temperature and minimizing changes in the atmosphere surrounding the embryo – both key aspects for obtaining positive results. Aditionally, GERI is also provided with individually controlled incubation chambers to give embryos the highest survival probability.

Among its innovative features, the GERI incubator also includes one of the most advanced time-lapse camera systems. This system allows one to monitor embryo development, which is indispensable for selecting the most suitable embryo for each patient and prevents disruptive events during embryo culture (inevitable on other available incubators). 

Moreover, it offers the possibility to carry out the latest version of the EEVA test – which was also developed by Merck -, an advanced embryo selection programme capable of predicting which embryos will be more likely to achieve a pregnancy. To do so it uses multiple high predictive values, such as the number of cells, age, etc.

With almost ten years of experience in fertility treatments, we have learnt  that individualisation is key to improvingresults;  not only in more common cases, but also in the most complex ones. This is why our laboratories are equipped with the GERI incubator. Only by combining cutting edge technology and the best professionals in fertility can we provide the highest pregnancy rates for each treatment.