IVF Spain attends the latest American Society Reproduction Medicine (ASRM) congress

The international assisted reproduction clinic attended the congress ‘Progressing in Reproductive Medicine to Build Healthy Families’ that took place in Texas.

The American Society Reproduction Medicine (ASRM) held its international congress about reproductive medicine and fertility between the 28th of October and the 1st of November. During this important event, fertility and assisted reproduction specialists seized the opportunity given by this gathering to meet and interact with colleagues.

The agenda included from the latest molecular and genetic technologies to the advocacy of patients through approaching the access to medical care. The educational and intellectual needs of doctors, nurses, andrology and embryology laboratory staff, genetic counsellors, social workers, training and laboratory managers and professionals in metal health, law and ethics were addressed.

In IVF Spain we have learned that individualisation is key to offer our patients the best option to achieve their dream of forming a family. This is why we focus on the aspects that have the greatest impact on the fulfilment of that dream, such as personalising every treatment; because every patient is different and unique, just like their story.

We always deeply and systematically investigate all the factors that can hinder the correct development of a pregnancy, which should culminate in the birth of a healthy baby.

This is why both our founder, Dr. Jon Aizpurua, and our general director, Almudena Moreno, attended the meeting in San Antonio, Texas; because the commitment we hold towards our patients makes us a centre of constant innovation and technology, encouraging us to always keep at the forefront of research in the field of assisted reproduction.