IVF Spain at the forefront of innovation in reproductive technology

The international fertility clinic becomes the first center in Spain and the third in all of Europe to implement this advanced technology in its laboratories.

In IVF Spain, one of our aims as medical professionals is to provide our patients the best possible service. To accomplish this we rely on the best experts in reproductive medicine and fertility; and we also firmly support not only investigation and new technology development in assisted reproduction, but also innovation and improvement in all related processes.

We are aware that the parenthood dream is not devoid of obstacles, so we want to make our patients feel reassured, calm and confident about the quality and success of our treatments.

For all this we are proud to announce that IVF Spain are the first clinic in Spain and the third in all Europe to implement Gidget ™ in its laboratories. Gidget ™ is the most advanced system for monitoring, identification and traceability of biological samples in all processes related to assisted reproduction techniques.

This novel system has been developed by Merck, one of the world’s most important pharmaceutical companies and with whom IVF Spain keeps important partnership agreements.

How does Gidget ™ work?

This system acts as a witness for any IVF procedure in the laboratory, and it does so on the double.

On one hand, it performs the correct identification of the patients, and in parallel it helps with the traceability of their reproductive cells in each clinical and laboratory procedure that requires the elaboration of reports and the completion of forms.

Thanks to Gidget the correct performance of all the processes that require the management of embryos and/or gametes is guaranteed.

Gidget was designed to be functional and comfortable for the embryologists. This is why it has been developed as a hand device, easy to use to identify and trace samples during the assisted reproduction procedures.

Gidget is used to scan petri dishes, tubes and other consumables used to keep and process the patient’s material, eliminating any possible mistakes that may lead to matching errors.

This system generates unique labels for each patient, with specific bar codes which are assigned on specific days within each patient’s cycle before any procedure takes place.

The additional functionality and benefits for the laboratory allow for a personalized assistance and the optimization of the clinical work flux and the patients’ follow up.

Most assisted reproduction laboratories rely on standard operational procedures, such as the manual identification method. However, this implies a higher risk exposure for the embryologists during the biological material manipulation.

This new electronic identification system will eliminate the risk of errors during the management of biological samples and will help decrease any possible concerns the patients may have.

Furthermore Gidget allows the electronic monitoring of the staff members that perform each procedure and the time that each task takes, therefore increasing the process efficiency.

It is part of IVF Spain’s philosophy to provide our patients the latest fertility advances, always through an adapted and highly personalized attention to each patient. The  integration of  Gidget in our laboratories will allow us to maintain and even increase our excellency standard.