IVF Spain and IVF Donostia: together for a brighter future

IVF Donostia and IVF Spain will join efforts with the objective of increasing the pregnancy rate

Last June IVF Donostia opened its fertility and assisted reproduction preservation unit, located in the Onkologikoa hospital. The IVF Donostia Managing Director and Doctor. in molecular biology Yosu Franco is at the forefront of this new department, which will offer young patients that suffer from cancer the possibility to preserve their fertility in case they wish to form a family after overcoming the illness. Moreover, it will provide fertility treatments to those couples that are willing to form a family, but are not able to achieve it by natural means.

The Basque centre will collaborate with the International clinic IVF Spain – led by Gynecologist and Specialist in Assisted Reproduction Dr. Jon Aizpurua. Both centres will work together in terms of research and technology with the commitment to ensuring the patient’s fertility and increasing the success rate.

Technology and research

Like IVF-Life, the Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad (Basque Fertility Centre) is committed to technology and to the most advanced techniques in Assisted Reproduction. The laboratory is equipped with the EEVA system (Early Embryo Viability Assessment), capable of detecting those embryos with a higher implantation capability and, therefore, unifying the criteria in the laboratory and reducing the probability of multiple pregnancies.